Unifor Local 34-O is a trade Union representing primarily workers in the Bell Canada Enterprises group of companies with some exceptions in the oil and gas sector.  Because of amalgamations of Locals, etc. over the years we are the stewards of the remnants of the records from the International Typographical Union Local 102. This makes us the "oldest" continuous union local in Ottawa.  ITU Local 102 was formed on June 17, 1867

2016 Executive Elections

As per Local By-Laws, this fall the Local will be holding elections for Executive positions.  Your elections committe is Sean Freeman, Kevin Klan, Doug McColeman and Dave Godwin.  A chair will be chosen from within the committee.  Nominations are now open for President, 1st VP, 2nd VP, Treasurer, Secretary, bargaining unit chief stewards.  You may download the nomination form on the forms section of the website and then forward the completed form to the Elections Committee by email or fax (613-567-3248).  The date of the election will be chosen by the committee but will be in the month of December.  The date will be published as soon as it is decided.

Local 34-O Member needs your help: UPDATED!!

Chris Giles, a 15 year technician at BTS, has terminal cancer.  The company terminated Chris without cause and his termination is pending an arbitration.  An agreement of settlement has been reached that is pending finalization.  This agreement would see Chris restored to technician status with back wages, restoration of benefits and life insurance.  This came about from a presentation made by the Local at the Unifor National Convention and the resulting hard work by National President Jerry Dias. 

The family could still use your help though.  If you want to donate to the Go Fund Me campaign, you can find it here:  https://www.gofundme.com/xzeqfzk4

Boss Manager up to No GOOD?

Are you seeing or experiencing dirty tricks, harassment, bullying or or low down management abuse? 

REPORT IT!!!!!!!!

Call Clearview Connects.  It is anonymous and safe, the manager-crime stoppers of Bell. 


General Meeting Dates

As the local is a composite local comprised of members who work with a variety of different schedule types and in various locations, general meeting dates and times will be alternated, whenever possible, between Wednesday and Sunday evenings when called.  However, if members of a bargaining unit are unable to attend a meeting on a selected date due to scheduling conflicts, but have issues that they want to address collectively, please contact your steward or a member of the exeutive to see if we can arrange a special general meeting for that bargaining unit. 

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